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Dear Guests,
the following conditions, advice (which will give you a holiday without unexpected surprises) and house rules are part of the contract between you and Perla Travel Agency.

1. Booking
The Booking of your travel arrangements would be either via the internet or directly in our office.
1. 2. If you are booking via internet, the travelling conditions are accepted without your signature. We therefore ask you kindly to familiarize yourself with our conditions.
1.3. The booking via internet should be done as follows:
If you have found something that is of interest to you from our program, then just fill in the booking form with your details, or just let us know your wishes and we will do everything for you. The completed form can then be emailed or faxed to us.
It will take us about 3 days to complete the booking for you.

2. Payment
The prices in our offer differ for each object and are advertised in each separate accomodation. The prices in Euro are just for your information, the currency in Croatia is Kuna and we accept cash payments in Kuna or credit cards.
Holiday units/Holiday homes/Rooms/Excursions
If you agree with our booking offer, you are required to pay, as an bank money transfer on our banking account, a deposit of 30% of the full price for accommodation or excursions.However when booking accommodation the minimum payment must be equal to at least 3 nights of your booking. You are required to pay the full price of your travel arrangement at the latest one day after arrival. We accept the following payment options: Cash in Kuna and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, Visa electron, Maestro).
3. Stays less than 4 days
30% extra charge for stays from 2-4 days

4. Cancellation - private accomodation

  • up to 61 days before commencement of your booking, the guest can cancel. The deposit held by the travel agency Perla Travel will be deposited back onto the account of the guest minus 20% of the booking deposited. The bank fees for the transfer must be paid by the guest.
  • from the 60th until the 45st day before commencement of your booking, the travel agency will keep 15% of the full amount of accommodation costs. The remaining deposit will be transferred back to the guest. The bank fees for the transfer must be paid by the guest.
  • from the 44 th to the first day before commencement of your booking, you will lose the full price of the booking deposited to the travel agency.
  • In case of cancellation, the guest can find a new person to take over his booking. However the guest has the responsibility to inform the travel agency about the swap, so that we can make a new voucher. You will not have to pay any extra fees for the changing of the voucher.
  • In case of No Show or a cancellation on the date of arrival, guests willbe charged the entire amount (100 %) of accommodation costs
  • Only cancellations in writing will be accepted, please fax or email. Please let us know your booking number.

5. Early Departure
If you depart earlier then your booking, you have no right to a refund. In special circumstances a refund can be negotiated.

7. Complaints
The guest has the responsibility to inform the travel agent about any complaints immediately when they arise. The travel agent will rectify the problem within 24 hours of notification. If this is not the case, the travel agent will have to refund the guest the amount of money which equals the complaint. If the guest does not inform the travel agency immediately after arising of the problem, he is not entitled to any compensation.

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